Meet Aaliyah

Multi-talented Student, Entrepreneur, Author, and  Leader, Aaliyah Mechelle has a true passion for building a name for herself. She is a jack of many traits and nothing is impossible for her to do. Not only is she a full-time student, but she is a loving daughter, sister, friend, and mentor to many.

 She is pursuing a Bachelor's in Athletic Training at Texas Southern University. While currently serving as the President former Miss Collegiate for Collegiate 100, Founding President of the Athletic Trainer Organization, and general body member for HERTSU, NAACP, and former member of the Young Entrepreneur Organization. 

Growing up in Baton Rouge Louisiana, Aaliyah always was very involved in her community. After the passing of her father in 2018 she became a Self Published Author at the age of 16. Her book “Living Life Through #HASHTAGS” was a girl’s guide designed to help teenage girls face life and not to abide by the trends on social media. This book follows the journey of 8 young girls as they go through tough situations. Being brainwashed by social media to make them believe they have to look, act, and dress a certain way. Aaliyah becoming an entrepreneur was only the beginning of her story. Years later she launched, Thee Creative Concept which is a virtual assistant and social media marketing agency. And since then have served over 20 creative entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and businesses by producing inspiring market strategies and assisting with admin tasks that continue to garner organic social currency. 

Aaliyah uses her platform to be transparent as she conquers college, and real life, and starts her career. Aaliyah loves fashion, food, traveling, giving back, being with family, and she uses her social media to document just that. When it comes to juggling everything she loves to do, Aaliyah is a natural! She is known for being a daily inspiration and paving the way for others behind her.

To Aaliyah, confidence plays a major part in developing who you are. She takes pride in inspiring both men and women to not only look great on the outside but also feel great internally as well. Aaliyah is the true definition of what a mogul and girl boss is. She has been featured on many platforms and has curated a great number of events leaving an everlasting impression on anyone she’s come across.

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